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Bank Statement Loan

Are you self-employed? This loan option might be a great fit for you!

Sometimes, it can be difficult for borrowers to show enough income on their taxes to qualify for a mortgage.

It can also be a hassle for them to gather the necessary income docs needed to apply.

Here at Contemporary Mortgage Services, Inc., we work with multiple lenders --  and one option you have by working with us is using Bank Statement Loans.

Bank Statement Loans allow qualified borrowers to provide their personal or business bank statements, instead of tax returns, to qualify for a loan up to $3M. And our Bank Statement Loans enable borrowers to go up to 90% LTV without having to pay MI, allowing them to keep their monthly payments lower.

Learn more in our video, HERE.

You can also give us a call, and we can talk with you about specific loan options that fit your needs! 407-834-3377.

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