“What if I’m not sure where to start when it comes to financing my home?” 
“Can I still qualify for a home loan if I have filed for bankruptcy?”
“Who do I talk to when I buy a house?” 
Today, Mortgage Loan Officer Kiel Ecimovic and Realtor Allie Walker are talking about how to qualify for a home loan in Florida, and they're answering your mortgage questions. Video link is below! ??

Here's what we'll cover in today's video:

?? "What type of home loan program should I go with if my credit score is not where I want it to be?"

?? "Which loan program is the most lenient towards people who have filed for bankruptcy?"

?? “Do I qualify for a home loan even if I have a non-traditional job?”

??CLICK HERE to watch our video for the answers! 

?? Pro Tip: If you are questioning whether or not you think you can qualify for a home loan, never assume anything, just ask us! Contact us today at 407-834-3377.   

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